PERCUSSIONS: Federico Tramontana – Alessandro Milia: Sonazzos

ORGANETTO, VOICE & TAMBURELLO, on location – Federica Greco & Paolo Presta

VIOLIN: Marco Fusi - Pierluigi Billone: Equilibrio. Cerchio

VIOLIN AND VIOLA: Marco Fusi - album “Pierluigi Billone” – ed. Kairos

PIANO: Anna D’Errico - Extract from the album “Giacinto Scelsi Collection Vol.7″ – ed. Stradivarius

      Giacinto Scelsi - Anna D'Errico

TWO PIANOS: Anna D’Errico and Alfonso Alberti
Recorded at Fazioli Concert Hall

ACCORDION: Luca Piovesan - Study #2 by Yotam Haber – Ed. Col Legno

      Yotam Haber - Study #2

PIANO: Gianluca Badon – Polonaise, Fantasie op. 61

ACCORDION: Claudio Jacomucci - Extracts from the latest album (Cool Memories – Tarantolata) music by Claudio Jacomucci

      Claudio Jacomucci excerpts

ACCORDION: Fanny Vicens - Extract from the album “Schrift” – ed. Stradivarius

      Stefano Gervasoni - Fanny Vicens

VIOLIN AND PIANO: Jakub Tchorzewski and Dejan Bogdanovich – Extract from Suite Poetique by René de Boisdeffre – ed. Acte Préalable

      René de Boisdeffre - suite poetique 4

JAZZ: Enrico Brion Quartet – M.O.M (piano, sax, drum, doublebass)

      Enrico Brion - M.O.M.

JAZZ: Simone Di Benedetto Project – Red&Blue (piano, sax, drum, doublebass)

      Simone di Benedetto - RedBlue

GUITARMaarten Stragier
“Histoire de Si (by Philippe Leroux)”

      Philippe Leroux - Histoire de Si

FREE JAZZ: Orchestra Componibile – Lennie (rhodes, drums, vibraphone, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone)

      Orchestra Componibile - Lennie

BLUES BAND: Relic Blues Band – Because the pleasure is all mine (voice, harp, guitar, bass, sax, drums)

      RBB - because the pleasure is all mine 2